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The studio "Artillerie" was founded
in Munich, Germany in 1995.

It consisted of 9 artists, working on
various national and international
projects. Their clients include
advertising companies, publishers,
game companies, film productions,
animation studios etc.

"Artillerie" offers
the following expertise:

▪ Illustration

▪ Concept Art 

▪ Character-Design 

▪ Visual Development 

▪ Art- & Creative Direction 

▪ Comic 

▪ Cartoon & Caricature

▪ Storyboard 

▪ Scribbles 

A broad variety of styles enables us
to fulfill all kinds of different tasks
within the field of illustration and graphic design.

"Artillerie" is:

▪ Benjamin von Eckartsberg

▪ Tobias Frank

▪ Lukas Frese

▪ Marc Herold

▪ Alexander Lozano

▪ Florian Mitgutsch

▪ Peter Oedekoven

▪ Uli Oesterle

▪ Rudi Skukalek